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Top 5 Must-Have Pliers Tools

In this post, we’ll explore the essential tools every DIY enthusiast or professional should have in their toolbox – the top 5 must-have pliers. These versatile tools come in different shapes and sizes, each serving a specific purpose. Stay tuned to learn about the key features and uses of these indispensable pliers tools.


CRAFTSMAN 6" Red Slip Joint Pliers

Solid choice
This “CRAFTSMAN CMHT81712 CFT SLIP JOINT PLIER-6IN, Red” offers a compact size, great price, and sturdy build. However, the shorter length may limit leverage, and there could be occasional slipping due to angle restrictions.
  • Size
  • Price
  • Sturdy
  • Length may not provide sufficient leverage for some uses
  • Potential slipping in some instances due to angle restrictions

Craftsman CMHT81712 CFT Slip Joint Plier-6in, Red are durable and sturdy 6-inch slip joint pliers designed for comfort and control with multi-zone bi-material grips. The cutting edges are induction hardened for long-lasting sharpness, and the drop forged steel construction ensures strength and durability. The corrosion-resistant finish adds to its longevity, while users appreciate its sturdiness, comfortable grips, and overall quality. Great for various tasks around the house, these pliers are a practical addition to your toolkit.

Durable and Versatile Pliers
  • Multi-zone bi-material grips
  • Induction hardened cutting edges
  • Drop forged steel construction
  • Corrosion-resistant finish

IRWIN VISE-GRIP 6" GrooveLock Pliers

Solid choice
The IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers offer a compact and versatile option with easy-to-use features and a secure grip. While the 6-inch size may be limiting for some tasks and there could be occasional nut rounding issues, the tool overall proves to be well-made and effective for various applications.
  • Pocket size
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Great grip
  • Well-made
  • Some users may find the 6-inch size to be too small for certain tasks
  • There may be occasional issues with rounding off nuts if not used appropriately

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Tools GrooveLock Pliers, V Jaw, 6-inch is a compact yet powerful tool that easily adjusts with a simple push button, twice faster than traditional pliers. With a Multi-Groove Ratcheting System offering precise positioning and ProTouch grips for comfort and control, these pliers are perfect for versatile tasks. The durable metal injection molding parts ensure strength and performance, making this tool ideal for your toolbox or on-the-go needs. Backed by Irwin’s VISE-GRIP lifetime warranty, these pliers are a reliable companion for various projects.

Locking Adjustable Groove Joint Pliers
  • Adjustable lower jaw adjustment with push-button mechanism
  • Multi-Groove Ratcheting System for precise grip positioning
  • Anti-pinch, non-slip ProTouch Grips for comfort and control
  • Right angle teeth for maximum bite in all directions
  • Metal Injection Molding for strength and performance

IRWIN VISE-GRIP 8-Inch Slip Joint Pliers

Reliable choice
The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Pliers Set, Slip Joint, 8-Inch (2078408) offers strong gripping strength, durable construction, and comfortable ProTouch Grips at a reasonable price. While some may find it basic, the ergonomic handle design and quality make it a reliable choice for various household needs.
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Good quality and durability
  • Reasonable price
  • Strong jaws
  • Some reviewers feel that these pliers are just a basic tool with nothing fancy
  • The product is not made in America

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Pliers Set offers quality and durability in a versatile 8-inch size. Constructed from durable nickel chromium steel, these pliers feature an induction-hardened cutting edge that stays sharp for longer use. The machined jaws provide maximum gripping strength, while the ProTouch grips offer comfort and reduce hand fatigue. These pliers are praised for being reliable and strong, making them a go-to tool for various tasks. With positive reviews highlighting their quality and value, you can trust in the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Pliers Set to deliver on performance and longevity.

Durable and versatile hand tool
  • Constructed from durable nickel chromium steel
  • Induction-hardened cutting edge stays sharper, longer
  • Machined jaws for maximum gripping strength
  • Anti-pinch, non-slip ProTouch Grips provide comfort and control
  • Right angle teeth grip in all directions for maximum bite
  • Variable-size jaws suitable for most household needs

Workpro 7-piece Pliers Set for Home Use

Great value
The 7-piece Workpro Pliers Set offers a variety of durable, versatile pliers with comfortable grips, making it perfect for home maintenance and DIY projects. While it may not be crafted precisely and could be small for some users, its affordability and included storage pouch make it a great value for the price.
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable grips
  • Variety of pliers
  • Good for home or DIY use
  • Comes with storage pouch
  • Not crafted precisily
  • Pliers might be small for some users

This 7-piece Workpro Pliers Set offers a versatile selection for your DIY and home repair needs. From the sturdy 8-inch groove joint to the precise 6-inch diagonal pliers, these tools are designed to handle various tasks. The drop forged polished steel construction ensures durability, while the comfort grip handles provide secure non-slip handling to get the job done comfortably. Conveniently tackle home maintenance, garden projects, and more with this practical addition to your tool collection. Remember to wipe them clean before storage in a dry environment to maintain their quality.

With the Workpro Pliers Set, you’ll have a reliable “everyday set” for household repairs without breaking the bank on professional tools. These pliers are comfortable to use with good grip, making them ideal for simple tasks around the house. While not high-end mechanic tools, they serve well for general maintenance needs. The hardened cutting edges and double-dipped coating on the handles ensure long-lasting performance and safe handling. A great value for occasional use or emergency needs, this set offers a range of pliers for versatile applications. Just be mindful of the machine oil coating for rust protection and proper storage to maintain their quality over time.

Durable and Versatile Pliers Set
  • 7-piece set includes groove joint, slip joint, linesman, long nose, and diagonal pliers
  • Drop forged polished steel for durability
  • Hardened cutting edges for increased cutting ease
  • Comfort grip handle for non-slip handling
  • Covered in slushing oil for rust protection
  • Suitable for DIY home maintenance, garden projects, and more

Edward Tools 6” Slip Joint Pliers

Mixed performance
The Edward Tools Slip Joint Pliers 6” provide a strong grip with fine grip teeth in front and a rust-resistant finish. While they are made of durable carbon steel, some users find the size a bit small and the construction slightly lacking in quality.
  • Heavy duty carbon steel construction
  • Fine grip teeth in front
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Feels kind of cheap
  • Small size

With Edward Tools Slip Joint Pliers 6”, you get heavy-duty carbon steel construction, offering fine grip teeth in the front and coarse teeth at the back for versatile use. The non-slip rubber grip handle ensures a secure hold, while the slip joint design enhances prying and gripping strength. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these pliers are strong and well-made, although some may find the 6-inch size better suited for smaller tasks.

Adjustable and Durable Pliers
  • Heavy duty carbon steel
  • Fine grip teeth in front, Coarse teeth in back
  • Non-slip rubber grip handle
  • Slip joint for stronger prying and gripping use
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

Top Pliers Brands

  • Stanley
  • Channellock
  • Klein Tools
  • Craftsman
  • Irwin
  • Wurth
  • Knipex
  • Kobalt
  • Milwaukee Electric Tool

Key Considerations for Selecting the Right Pliers Tool

  • Material: Opt for pliers made of durable materials such as high-quality steel. This ensures longevity and ensures that they can handle tough tasks without bending or breaking
  • Type of Pliers: Consider the specific type of pliers you need for your tasks. Different types include needle-nose, slip-joint, lineman’s pliers, etc. Choose the one that best suits your needs
  • Comfort and Grip: Look for pliers with comfortable handles that offer a good grip. Ergonomic handles with non-slip padding can reduce hand fatigue and provide better control when using the tool

Pliers FAQ

What is the purpose of the grooves or teeth on some pliers?

The purpose of the grooves or teeth on some pliers is to provide better grip and traction when holding onto objects. These ridges help prevent slipping and make it easier to apply pressure or force when using the pliers. This design feature ensures a secure hold on the object being worked on, making tasks safer and more efficient.

Can pliers be used for cutting wires?

Yes, pliers can be used for cutting wires, but it is recommended to use wire-cutting pliers specifically designed for that purpose. Regular pliers may work for cutting thinner wires, but wire-cutting pliers are designed with sharp blades that provide a cleaner and more efficient cut, especially for thicker wires. Using the proper tool not only ensures a better result but also helps prevent damage to the pliers.

Are there ergonomic designs available for pliers to reduce hand fatigue?

Yes, there are ergonomic designs available for pliers that are specifically created to reduce hand fatigue. These designs often feature cushioned handles, adjustable grip sizes, and contoured shapes to provide comfortable and efficient use. Ergonomic pliers are engineered to lessen strain on your hands and wrists, making them a great choice for tasks that require prolonged use of pliers. Look for pliers labeled as “ergonomic” when shopping for this type of tool.

What safety precautions should be taken when using pliers?

When using pliers, there are several safety precautions you should take:

  1. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris.
  2. Use pliers that are appropriate for the task at hand to prevent them from slipping or breaking.
  3. Always grip the pliers securely and avoid using excessive force.
  4. Keep your fingers away from the moving parts of the pliers to avoid pinching or crushing injuries.
  5. Make sure the pliers are in good condition with no signs of wear or damage.
  6. When not in use, store your pliers in a safe place to prevent accidents or injuries.
Are there pliers specifically designed for electrical work?

Yes, there are pliers specifically designed for electrical work known as “electrician’s pliers” or “wire strippers.” These tools are insulated to protect users from electric shock and are designed with features such as cutting edges, serrated jaws, and wire stripping holes to help electricians work safely and efficiently with electrical components.

What are the main components of a pair of pliers?

A pair of pliers consists of the following main components: two handles, a pivot point where the handles are joined together, and the jaws at the opposite end of the handles. The handles provide leverage for gripping and manipulating objects, while the pivot point allows the handles to open and close. The jaws are designed for gripping, bending, cutting, or turning various materials depending on the type of pliers.


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  2. I appreciate the detailed review of these pliers. Have you had a chance to review the latest models of the CRAFTSMAN and IRWIN VISE-GRIP pliers?

  3. Great roundup! I personally love the IRWIN VISE-GRIP 6″ GrooveLock Pliers for their versatility and comfort grip handles. What’s your favorite from the list?

  4. I have bookmarked this roundup for future reference. It would be great if you could update it annually to keep us informed about the latest pliers tools available.

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