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Top 6 Reciprocating Saw Picks for Ultimate DIY Projects

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“Are you ready to take your DIY projects to the next level? Explore our top 6 picks for reciprocating saws that are sure to make your projects a breeze. Find the perfect balance of power, versatility, and usability for all your cutting needs.


Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall Bare Tool

High-quality performance
The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall is a powerful, well-made cordless reciprocating saw that offers fast and easy blade changes, durability, and versatility. While it’s portable and excels in quality, keep in mind that this bare-tool purchase does not include a charger or battery.
  • Powerful
  • Well-made construction
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Excellent quality
  • Cordless
  • No charger included
  • No battery included

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall Brushless Cordless Reciprocating Saw is a powerful and versatile tool that is perfect for both professional and DIY projects. This saw features a wear-resistant lever actuated blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes, a metal-reinforced battery connection for improved durability, and a built-in LED light to illuminate your work surface. Customers are impressed with its power, durability, and battery life, making it a top choice for cutting various materials with ease. Whether you’re tackling industrial tasks or home projects, this tool is a reliable companion that delivers excellent performance.

Powerful Cordless Cutting Performance
  • Wear resistant lever actuated blade clamp
  • Metal reinforced battery connection
  • Built-in LED light
  • Fast and easy blade changes
  • Improved durability and battery retention

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

Versatile and portable
The DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw is a lightweight and versatile tool with a compact design and long battery life, making it portable and convenient for various cutting tasks. Its one-handed operation, easy blade changing, and compatibility with other DeWalt batteries further enhance its appeal. Despite not being ideal for cutting thin, floppy branches and potential issues with Dewalt’s customer service, this saw is a great addition to any handyman or DIY enthusiast’s toolkit.
  • Lightweight design
  • One-handed operation
  • Long battery life
  • Versatile for cutting various materials
  • Easy blade changing
  • Portable and convenient
  • Compatibility with other DeWalt batteries
  • Not suitable for cutting thin, floppy branches
  • Dewalt customer service may not provide satisfactory assistance

The DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw, a compact and lightweight tool, is perfect for tight spaces due to its 12.5-inch front-to-back size. With a brushless motor for increased performance and a tool-free blade release for quick changes, this saw is versatile and efficient. Users love its ergonomic design and long-lasting battery life, making it an ideal choice for various tasks from plumbing work to landscaping projects. It’s a game-changer for anyone who values convenience and power in a cordless tool.

Powerful and Compact Saw Option
  • Compact design at 12.5-inch front to back
  • 37% lighter than previous model
  • Brushless motor for increased performance
  • LED light for illuminating dark work spaces
  • Tool-free blade release for quick changes
  • Variable-speed trigger for improved speed control

DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw – DCS380B

Reliable cutting tool
The DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw offers a versatile and powerful cutting experience with its comfortable grip, compact size, and variable speed trigger. Despite minor cons like blade security and tip shoe durability, its compatibility with Dewalt XR batteries and easy blade installation make it a reliable tool for your cutting needs.
  • Compact size
  • Works well with Dewalt XR batteries
  • LED light
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy blade installation
  • Good battery life with 20V XL battery
  • Versatile blade mounting options
  • Blades do not securely lock in place
  • Flimsy tip shoe

The DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw is a powerful tool that provides up to 3000 strokes per minute and a 1-1/8-inch stroke length for fast cutting. The variable speed trigger allows you to control the blade speed for different applications, while the 4-position blade clamp enables flush cutting. With a pivoting shoe for added leverage and extended blade life, this saw is comfortable to hold with its rubber grip and durable construction. It’s a reliable tool for a variety of cutting tasks, whether you’re working with tough materials or need precision in your projects.

Powerful Cutting Performance
  • 4-position blade clamp for increased positional versatility
  • 1-1/8-inch stroke length for fast cutting speed
  • Variable speed trigger with 0-3000 spm for blade control
  • Pivoting adjustable shoe for extended blade life and depth-of-cut control
  • Rubber comfort grip for optimal comfort and control
  • Double oil sealed shaft for increased durability

BOSCH RS325 12A Reciprocating Saw – Blue

Powerful and Versatile
The BOSCH RS325 120-Volt 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw is a powerful tool with a compact design and versatile applications. While some users found it heavier than expected and missed a hanging hook, its low vibration, strong construction, and convenient blade changing system make it a valuable addition to your toolkit.
  • Low vibration
  • Strong construction
  • Easy blade changing system
  • Comes with carry bag and blade
  • Versatile applications
  • Corded option available
  • Heavier than some users expected
  • Missing a hook for hanging when not in use

Powerful and efficient, the BOSCH RS325 120-Volt 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw in Blue offers a high power-to-weight ratio for professional-grade operation in extended applications. At only 7 lbs and 17.8 inches long, this compact saw allows for easier cutting in challenging positions with less fatigue. With features like constant orbital action, variable speed trigger, and a robust fixed foot design, this reciprocating saw provides reliable cutting control in various materials. The soft ergonomic handle ensures maximum comfort and gripping during use, making it a favorite among users for its performance and durability.

Overall, the BOSCH RS325 120-Volt 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw impresses users with its quality construction and cutting performance across various applications. Some users find the saw a bit heavy for prolonged use, but appreciate its power and reliability. The easy blade change system, comfortable handle, and solid design stand out as key features, making this reciprocating saw a valuable addition to your tool collection.

Cutting-edge Performance Features
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Compact size
  • Constant orbital action
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Fixed foot
  • Soft ergonomic handle

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw Kit

Versatile cordless power
The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit offers lightweight, smooth cutting with convenient cordless operation, making it great for branch trimming and easy blade changes. While it excels in these areas, users should be aware that the battery life may not be ideal for longer jobs or heavy construction work.
  • Light weight
  • Smooth and fast cutting
  • Good motor
  • Easy blade changing
  • Cordless convenience
  • Great for branch trimming
  • Inexpensive
  • Battery doesn’t last long
  • Might not be suitable for heavy construction work

Versatile, lightweight, and powerful, the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit (BDCR20C) offers superb control with its variable speed trigger and electric brake. Enjoy the convenience of tool-free blade changes and an adjustable pivoting shoe for increased versatility. Ideal for DIYers and hobbyists, this cordless saw is perfect for occasional light to medium-duty tasks, providing impressive cutting capability and ease of use. With a design that marries portability with performance, this saw proves to be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Powerful Cutting Performance and Versatility
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Pivoting shoe for increased control
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Cordless
  • International products with separate terms

RYOBI 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Versatile tool
The RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw is a versatile and durable tool that is part of the ONE+ System, making it compatible with over 300 cordless products. With features like an easy blade release lever and variable speed trigger, it provides ease of use for cutting various materials. However, some users have mentioned that it may vibrate excessively and feel heavy after extended use.
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless design
  • Battery life
  • Versatile
  • Great for cutting various materials
  • Compatible with other RYOBI ONE+ tools
  • Durable
  • May vibrate excessively during use
  • Can feel heavy after extended use

The RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw offers a 1-inch stroke length and 3,400 SPM for quick cuts through various materials. It includes an easy blade release lever for swift blade changes and can complete over 145 cuts per charge. With a variable speed trigger and pivoting shoe, this saw provides great control during cuts, and as part of the RYOBI ONE+ System, it can work with over 300 cordless products on the same battery platform. Users appreciate its durability, performance, and consistent results, making it a valuable tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Cutting-edge performance for professionals
  • 1-inch stroke length
  • 3,400 SPM
  • Easy blade release lever
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Pivoting shoe
  • Part of RYOBI ONE+ System with over 300 Cordless Products

Your Reciprocating Saw Questions Answered

How does the power source of a reciprocating saw typically work?

The power source of a reciprocating saw typically works by converting electricity into mechanical movement. Inside the saw, an electric motor is connected to a drive shaft that moves a blade back and forth in a sawing motion. When you press the trigger, the motor activates, causing the drive shaft to move the blade rapidly, allowing you to cut through various materials efficiently. This process provides the power needed for the saw to function effectively.

How does the speed and stroke length of a reciprocating saw affect its performance?

The speed and stroke length of a reciprocating saw both play crucial roles in determining its performance. The speed of the saw, measured in strokes per minute (SPM), affects how quickly and smoothly it cuts through materials. Higher speeds generally result in faster cutting but may compromise control and precision, while lower speeds allow for more controlled cuts but may be slower.

On the other hand, the stroke length, which refers to how far the blade travels back and forth in each cutting motion, impacts the efficiency and power of the saw. Longer stroke lengths can provide more aggressive cutting action, making them suitable for thicker or tougher materials. However, shorter stroke lengths are more precise and can be better for detailed cuts or working with delicate materials.

In summary, a balance between the speed and stroke length of a reciprocating saw is essential for achieving optimal performance based on the specific cutting task at hand. Adjusting these settings according to the material being cut can help you achieve the best results.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using a reciprocating saw?

When using a reciprocating saw, some common mistakes to avoid include:

  1. Not using the correct blade: Using the wrong blade for the material you are cutting can result in poor cutting performance and overheating.
  2. Applying too much pressure: Let the blade do the work and avoid pushing the saw too hard, as it can put unnecessary strain on the motor and lead to blade breakage.
  3. Not securing the workpiece properly: Make sure the material you are cutting is firmly secured to prevent it from moving during cutting, which can cause kickback or accidents.
  4. Neglecting to wear safety gear: Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as goggles, gloves, and ear protection, when using a reciprocating saw to prevent injuries.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can use a reciprocating saw safely and effectively for your cutting tasks.

What is a reciprocating saw?

A reciprocating saw is a type of power saw that uses a push-and-pull motion of the blade to make cuts. It’s commonly used for cutting through materials like wood, metal, plastic, or drywall. The blade of a reciprocating saw moves back and forth rapidly, making it a versatile tool for various cutting tasks.

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  1. I see a lot of praise for the DEWALT models, but I have to say, the BOSCH RS325 12A Reciprocating Saw – Blue has been my reliable companion for years. The ergonomic design and anti-vibration technology make it comfortable to use for extended periods. It might not be as popular, but it’s definitely worth considering.

    • Thanks for highlighting the BOSCH RS325 12A Reciprocating Saw – Blue! It’s great to hear about your positive experience with its ergonomic design and anti-vibration features. Different users have different preferences, so it’s fantastic to see a variety of recommendations!

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