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Mophorn HV8 Rotary Table: A Precise Tool

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Looking for precision in your milling and drilling tasks? The Mophorn HV8 Rotary Table could be your go-to tool. With its vertical and horizontal design, top-notch HT200 casting material, and 360-degree indexing plate, this tool offers remarkable quality and accuracy. Stay tuned for a detailed review on how this rotary table can elevate your machining operations.

Mophorn HV8 Precision Rotary Table
Solid choice
The Mophorn Rotary Table 8Inch HV8 is a versatile, well-built tool that offers precise milling, drilling, and boring capabilities. Despite a few reported issues with wobbling and tight spots in the hand crank operation, its accuracy, durability, and affordable pricing make it a valuable addition to any metalworking workshop.
  • Well-built
  • Accurate
  • Made from solid materials
  • Excellent pricing
  • Smooth operation
  • Some users reported issues with wobbling and runout
  • Hand crank operation may have tight spots

The Mophorn Rotary Table 8-Inch Horizontal Vertical HV8 is a top-quality product designed to enhance your milling and drilling experience. Made with HT200 Casting, known for its durability and resistance to pressure and vibration, this rotary table ensures a long-lasting performance. Whether you need to work in a horizontal or vertical position, this versatile table can meet your needs efficiently.

One of the standout features of this rotary table is its excellent precision. With a 360-degree graduated indexing plate, resetting dial, and hand wheel that can be easily calibrated in seconds, you can achieve high precision in your work. The minimum scale calibration to 10 seconds further enhances accuracy in your milling and drilling tasks.

Adjusting this rotary table is a breeze, thanks to the accurate scale marked on the dial. Simply operate the control handle to adjust it to your desired position effortlessly. This user-friendly design makes it easy for you to focus on your work without any unnecessary complications.

  • Versatile rotary table for horizontal and vertical operations
  • 8-inch size with precision Vernier reading
  • Compatible with 3MT milling and drilling machines
  • Suitable for milling, drilling, and boring operations

Whether you need to perform index boring, milling, circle cutting, spot facing, or boring holes, the Mophorn Rotary Table is versatile enough to meet a variety of workshop needs. With its remarkable quality, precision, and convenience, this product is an essential tool for anyone working with a milling machine.

Precision machining excellence
  • Remarkable quality with HT200 casting material
  • Vertical & horizontal design for versatile use
  • Excellent precision with 360-degree indexing plate
  • Convenient to adjust with accurate scale dial
  • Multiple applications including milling, drilling, and boring operations
  • Durable, shock-absorbing, and heat-resistant properties

Mophorn Rotary Table 8Inch Horizontal Vertical HV8 Precision 3MT Milling Drilling Machine Vernier Reading Milling Drilling Boring


The Mophorn Rotary Table is a versatile tool designed for precision milling, drilling, and boring operations. Featuring horizontal and vertical capabilities, this rotary table offers a high level of accuracy and repeatability, making it ideal for various metalworking projects.

Key Features

  • Dual horizontal and vertical orientation for increased versatility
  • Precision 3MT design ensures accurate and consistent results
  • Vernier reading for precise adjustments
  • Solid construction from quality materials

User Reviews

  1. Quality and Purpose: Users appreciate the quality construction and performance of the rotary table, with some mentioning its suitability for tasks like making radius slots.
  2. Initial Inspection: One user had concerns about initial table wobbling and operational issues. However, they found a practical workaround by substituting parts with another rotary table.
  3. Satisfaction: Despite some shipping concerns, another user praised the product’s quality, precision, and overall satisfaction with the purchase.

Practical Applications

  • Case Study: Implementing the rotary table for making radius slots efficiently and accurately.
  • Tip: Regular maintenance and lubrication can help improve the smooth operation of the hand crank mechanism.

Final Thoughts

The Mophorn Rotary Table 8Inch Horizontal Vertical HV8 is a solid and reliable tool for metalworking tasks. Despite occasional quality concerns from users, the majority appreciate its performance, accuracy, and value for money. With proper care and minor adjustments as needed, this rotary table can be a valuable addition to your workshop.

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Right Rotary Tables and Machine Tables for Precision Milling

Product Overview:

  • Name: Mophorn Rotary Table 8Inch Horizontal Vertical HV8
  • Features: Precision 3MT Milling, Drilling, Boring
  • Unique Selling Point: Vernier Reading
  • Intended Use: Vertical Milling Machine for Precision

Key Considerations:

  1. Compatibility

    • Ensure the rotary table is compatible with your milling machine.
    • Check for required adapters or modifications.
  2. Precision

    • Look for precise Vernier readings for accurate positioning.
    • Consider the table’s indexing capabilities.
  3. Size and Capacity

    • Determine the right size based on your workpiece dimensions.
    • Check weight capacity for smooth operation.
  4. Material and Construction

    • Opt for durable materials like cast iron for longevity.
    • Consider surface treatments for wear resistance.
  5. Ease of Use

    • Evaluate the table’s adjustment mechanisms for user-friendly operation.
    • Look for features like locking mechanisms for stability.
  6. Reviews and Recommendations

    • Read user reviews to gauge performance and reliability.
    • Seek recommendations from machining experts for insights.

Steps to Make an Informed Decision:

  1. Research

    • Explore different rotary table options available in the market.
    • Compare features, specifications, and prices.
  2. Assess Your Needs

    • Identify your specific milling requirements and precision needs.
    • Consider the type and frequency of projects you will be working on.
  3. Budget Planning

    • Set a budget based on your requirements and available options.
    • Balance cost with the desired features and quality.
  4. Consultation

    • Reach out to industry professionals or suppliers for advice.
    • Discuss your needs and concerns to get tailored recommendations.


Selecting the right rotary table for precision milling involves careful consideration of compatibility, precision, size, material, ease of use, and user feedback. By researching, assessing your needs, budget planning, and seeking expert advice, you can make an informed decision that meets your machining requirements. Remember to prioritize quality and features that align with your specific projects for optimal performance.

Get Answers to Your Rotary Table Questions

How to use Mophorn Rotary Table 8 Inch for vertical milling?

To use the Mophorn Rotary Table 8 Inch for vertical milling, you would need to secure the rotary table to the milling machine’s spindle vertically. Adjust the table’s position to align it with the cutting tool and workpiece, ensuring it is securely locked in place. Then, you can proceed with your vertical milling operation by selecting the appropriate cutting parameters and running the milling machine. Remember to follow all safety guidelines and recommendations provided by the machine manufacturer to ensure a successful milling operation.

What are the precision specifications for the HV8 Rotary Table?

The precision specifications for the Mophorn Rotary Table HV8 are as follows:

  • Diameter: 8 inches
  • Material: High-grade cast iron
  • Precision: +/- 5 seconds
  • Taper: 3MT
  • Table graduated 360 degrees
  • Vernier scale reading to 10 seconds of arc
Can the HV8 Rotary Table be used for boring operations?

Yes, the HV8 Rotary Table can be used for boring operations. The precision design and versatility of the rotary table make it suitable for various milling, drilling, and boring tasks, providing accurate results in your machining operations.

How does the design and construction of a machine table affect its stability and precision during machining operations?

The design and construction of a machine table play a crucial role in the stability and precision of machining operations. A sturdy and well-designed table provides a solid foundation for holding the workpiece securely in place, reducing vibrations and ensuring accurate machining. The material used, the method of attachment to the machine bed, and the overall rigidity of the table are key factors that influence its stability and ability to withstand cutting forces. Additionally, features such as T-slots, precision ground surfaces, and adjustable angles contribute to the table’s precision and versatility during milling, drilling, and boring operations. By selecting a high-quality rotary table like the Mophorn HV8 Precision model, you can expect enhanced stability and precision for your machining tasks.

Is the HV8 Rotary Table compatible with 3MT milling and drilling machines?

Yes, the HV8 Rotary Table is compatible with 3MT milling and drilling machines. The 3MT (Morse Taper) is a standard fitting commonly used in milling and drilling machines, and the HV8 Rotary Table is designed to work seamlessly with machines that have this type of fitting. This compatibility ensures that you can easily use the rotary table with your 3MT milling and drilling machines for precision and accuracy in your work.

What is the Vernier reading range of the Mophorn Rotary Table?

The Vernier reading range of the Mophorn Rotary Table 8 Inch Horizontal Vertical HV8 Precision 3MT Milling Drilling Machine is generally around 1 minute. This precision allows for accurate adjustments and measurements during milling, drilling, or boring operations.

What are the key features to consider when purchasing a rotary table for a milling machine?

When purchasing a rotary table for a milling machine, there are several key features to consider:

  1. Size: The diameter of the rotary table should be compatible with the size of your milling machine and the projects you will be working on.
  2. Accuracy: Look for a rotary table that offers precise and consistent measurements to ensure accurate machining.
  3. Versatility: Consider a rotary table that can be used both horizontally and vertically to provide flexibility in machining different types of parts.
  4. Construction: Opt for a rotary table made from durable materials such as cast iron or steel for longevity and stability during use.
  5. Compatibility: Ensure that the rotary table is compatible with your milling machine in terms of mounting and operation.

By considering these key features, you can select a rotary table that meets your machining needs and enhances the performance of your milling machine.

Can rotary tables be integrated with CNC systems to enhance automation and efficiency in manufacturing processes?

Yes, rotary tables can indeed be integrated with CNC systems to enhance automation and efficiency in manufacturing processes. By incorporating a rotary table into a CNC system, you can achieve precise and accurate positioning of workpieces, allowing for multi-sided machining operations without the need for manual repositioning. This integration helps streamline production processes, increase productivity, and improve overall quality in manufacturing operations.

Precision Tool Terminology Explained

  • Spindle Speed: Refers to the rate at which the cutting tool on the vertical milling machine rotates, influencing the quality and precision of the milling process
  • Feed Rate: The speed at which the workpiece is moved across the cutting tool during milling, affecting the efficiency and accuracy of material removal
  • Axis: A reference line used for positioning and moving the workpiece or cutting tool on the vertical milling machine. It determines the direction of movement during machining processes
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control): Technology that automates the operation of the vertical milling machine by using computer programs to control the movements of the cutting tool and workpiece with high precision
  • Spindle Taper: The standardized connection between the spindle and cutting tool holder on the vertical milling machine, crucial for maintaining tool stability and accuracy during milling operations
  • Workholding: The methods and devices used to secure the workpiece in place on the vertical milling machine’s table, providing stability and ensuring precise machining results
  • DRO (Digital Readout): An electronic display system on the milling machine that shows the position of the cutting tool or workpiece in relation to the machine’s axes, aiding in accurate measurement and machining processes
  • Coolant System: A feature on the vertical milling machine that supplies coolant or lubricant to the cutting tool during operation, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and extending tool life for precise milling results

Explore the versatility and precision of the Mophorn Rotary Table for your milling and drilling needs. Upgrade your workshop with this reliable tool for enhanced vertical and horizontal operations.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. The Vernier reading makes precise adjustments easy and contributes to the overall precision of the machine.

  2. This rotary table is well-built and performs accurately for both horizontal and vertical operations.

  3. The 3MT setup was convenient for me as I already had compatible tooling, saving on additional costs.

  4. One thing to note is that the operation manual could be more detailed; I had to rely on other resources for certain setup steps.

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